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Composite Shingles: Composite roofing shingles are the most popular solution for completing a beautiful home. Durable, cost effective, and long lasting composite shingles are fortified with a blend of high quality roofing materials, able to outlast the most demanding of environments. Today’s composite shingles are available with special additives to protect against algae growth and surface damage.

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We had a great experience with Barth Roofing Company. We were remodeling our house and they came and put a new roof on it. The customer service was good, everyone we talked with was very nice. The roofers on the installation were very professional and did an excellent job. We were very happy with them. I will recommend them to other people that are looking for a quality roofing company. We will use Barth Roofing Company again if the need ever arises.
Ali V.
Alamo, CA


Wood shakes and shingles are made from cedar, redwood, southern pine and other woods. Shingles are machine sawn; shakes are hand hewn and rougher looking. The natural look is popular in California, the Northwest and parts of the Midwest. Wood Shakes age graciously, taking new beautiful tones as they become weathered.

Clay/Cement tile: Clay tile is produced by baking molded clay into tile. The density of the clay is determined by the length of time and temperature at which it is heated. Concrete tiles are made of portland cement, sand and water in varying proportions. The material is mixed and extruded from molds under high pressure. There are a wide variety of profiles, styles, finishes and colors available.

Built up roof: Built up roof membranes, referred to by the acronym BUR, have been in use in the U.S. for more than 100 years. These roof systems are commonly referred to as "tar and gravel" roofs. BUR systems generally are composed of alternating layers of bitumen and reinforcing fabrics that create a finished membrane.

Modified Bitumen: Modified Bitumen Systems exibit many charactereristics of a built-up roof (BUR), yet affords the ease of application of a single ply system. The offering of various specifications allows for multiple plies, which provide redundancy and exceptional puncture resistance to heavy traffic, punctures and tears. Modified Bitumen membranes also have low temperature flexibility and are resistant to membrane fatigue.

Single-ply membranes are factory-manufactured sheet membranes. They generally are categorized as either thermoplastic or thermoset. Thermoplastic can be repeatedly softened when heated and hardened when cooled. Thermoset materials solidify, or “set,” irreversibly after heating. Single ply membranes commonly are referred to by their chemical acronyms, such as ethylene propylene dieneterpolymer (EPDM).

Slate: Roofing slate is a dense, durable, naturally occurring material that is essentially non-absorbent. Two properties of slate are cleavage and fracture. Cleavage, permits it to be easily split in one direction. Fracture, usually occurring at right angles to the cleavage, is called grain. roofing slate can be obtained in a variety of colors.

Standing seam: The term standing seam often is used as a generic description for a class of metal roof systems. Standing seam is derived from the fact that the seams are joined together above the panel flats. The term is also used to refer to a panel profile that includes a standing seam. Panels are usually made either of Galvalum-coated steel or aluminum.


Architectural metal tile, shingles and shake have a primary purpose of aesthetic enhancement of a building or structure. They are available in different designs and a large array of colors but still offer the longevity and durability of steel without the standing seam commercial look. Enjoy all the benefits of a steel roof while enjoying the look of wood, copper, clay or other roofing material.


Fluid Applied Roofing can be a wide range of materials including elastomeric, silicone, emulsion, acrylic, or even aluminum. These products come in a multitude of colors of which a large amount of the variety are title 24 compliant. Fluid applied systems are light weight and flexible membranes that are suitable for both flat and sloped roofing structures. All of these products are fluid applied in the field to form a seamless membrane.

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Roofing Products

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